About Us

The County Kildare Resource Centres for the Unemployed was founded in 1984 through Kildare Council of Trade Unions.  Our Centres were set up by volunteers and is still run by a Voluntary Board Of Directors.  We were set up to offer support and training to those who were unemployed or from low pay employment and their families.  In 1986 we were officially operating and on this recognition we went to open other Centres within County Kildare.  Over the years we had 5 Centres but unfortunately this has decreased to 2 Centres:

  • Newbridge
  • Athy.

Our logo from the very start is a BRIDGE this symbolises the centres link between unemployment and employment.

ReceptionNewbridge Resource Centre is an Information, and Training Centre and our mission is that it is a centre of learning, advocacy and advice.  We are committed to provide programmes and services of the highest quality.  As a training centre we have secured employment for many of our participants over the years and we work alongside employers in our Community.

We are a QQI Accredited and courses run from Level 3 to level 5 on the National framework of qualification.  We also cater for Local Companies and organisations that require any of our courses.  We are also ICS Accredited Testing Training Centre where we deliver all modules of ECDL.

We provide extensive Information on Welfare Entitlements with staff that has secured Level 6 in Social and Civil Information Qualification.

The Congress Centres Network

The Congress Centres Network was established in 1985 when the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Youth Employment Committee and FAS worked together to identify a method of response to mass employment. This arose from the realisation that many workers on becoming unemployed had deep feelings of being alone, helpless and abandoned and that is was incumbent on the Trade Union Movement to do something concrete to provide practical assistance for unemployed workers. The original purpose of the centres was and remains today, the provision of basic practical assistance for unemployed people and the promotion of employment and social inclusion. The most important services provided by the Centre are welfare rights information, adult education and training and jobseeking supports.